From Five Rivers to you, this festive season

One of the joys I’ve had in my life is singing carols with a group of friends in the past. We’d gather in the pub in Mono Centre called Peter’s Cellars (I know, cute, kitschy name!), which truly was a cellar, all parged, random stone walls, wonderful hewn beams, great food, fabulous libations. Our troupe, often some 20 or so of us, would deck ourselves in medieval costume, bring along flutes, bodhrans, guitars and other tim-tammy-jingle-whistle thingies, and let our voices free in gleeful, joyous abandon.

Time goes by, the venue was no longer available. The group evolved, as is the wont of life. But those memories of harmonies, music, rhythms, joy will always remain.

So, instead of prodding Five Rivers’ patrons to go out and purchase any of the books in our fabulous catalogue, I thought I’d introduce to you a group of remarkable, amazing singers only recently become familiar to me, the Pentatonix, singing one of my favourite carols.

And in that spirit, all of us at Five Rivers wish you joy this festive season; peace, prosperity and good health in the new year.