Mik Murdoch now in layout

Mike Plested, author of debut YA novel, Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero, delivered a fabulous revision earlier this week. Robert, the editor for the project, signed off on it. The manuscript is now on Lorina’s desk for layout and proofing.

The layout began yesterday and will be finished, for the most part, later today. Galleys will then be generated and sent to Mike, Robert, and two other proof-readers. In the meantime we’ll wait on bibliographic data from the good people at Library and Archives Canada, make the final tweaks, and voila, Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero will be ready for advance reviews.

The official launch of Mike’s debut novel is happening at When Words Collide this year.

And for the record, we’re hugely stoked about this fantastic novel.

Many of you will wonder what it was about Mike’s novel that caught us. Was it a great pitch, or cover letter? Was it a solid first line or first page?

For the record, we don’t much care about cover letters and pitches here. It’s the story that matters. And Mike hit all the right buttons. He demonstrated an ability to create believable characters you can care about. He created a plot line, which although at first had some gaping holes, for the most part created tension and an interesting narrative. There is great comic relief. (Great!) And overall the narrator’s voice rings sincerely, with honesty and integrity, and has a very tight point of view.

During the entire developmental edit, although staggered by the number of comments, Mike demonstrated an innate ability, and a keen willingness, to hone his craft, to take his story to a level we believed him capable.

The result, a fabulous story we think you’re going to love. And clamour to have the sequel.

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