Joe Mahoney and Saturday Night Scribes

Joe Mahoney, author of the forthcoming novel, A Time and a Place, recently interviewed the members of his writers’ group (which includes Tanah Haney), the Saturday Night Scribes, about why they meet, the creative process, and the benefits of feedback. Joe and crew graciously agreed to allow Five Rivers to share that video.

An editor considers character development

What is it about a story of fiction that sweeps you away? Aside from other key elements, I’m pretty sure it’s a fully developed character who speaks to you from the page or screen. It’s that character’s voice that whispers to you in your sleep, who disturbs you at work, during your commute, who becomes so real sometimes you ache for conversation with that person, you cry if they die, or crow when they triumph….

An editor considers lack of research

My colleague, Robert Runté, and I read and edit a lot of manuscripts in the course of a year. We often see the same mistakes cropping up. I thought it might be of interest to share my observations through a series of articles. At the top of my list of writing faux pas is lack of research. In any written work, the richness of the story is partly due to the depth of research, and…

Take 5: Five Rivers Publishing Submission Tips

Hello, writers! Five Rivers Publishing’s submission period is only a few days away! If you haven’t marked your calendars yet, it’s February 1 to the 14 every year. Manuscripts submitted this year will be considered for publication in 2018. Five Rivers is fully booked (pun intended) for 2017, and our publisher and editor are looking for 12 cream of the crop from this year’s submissions. It’s going to be a stiff competition, and we’re sure…