Twisted Podcast

  Nate Hendley recently was interviewed by Twisted Podcast regarding his biography of notorious gangster, Al Capone. Interview below.

CBC’s The Current interviews Nate Hendley and Ron Moffatt

Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC’s The Current today interviewed Nate Hendley and Ron Moffatt about Nate’s new book, The Boy on the Bicycle.  Ron spoke candidly about his horrific experience in the 1950s at the hands of bungling police officers bent on coercing a confession out of him, for a murder he did not commit. What is truly frightening is police have the same latitude today. And it is for that reason Ron has broken his…

The Boy on the Bicycle now available for pre-order

The Boy on the Bicycle: A Case of Wrongful Conviction in Toronto, Nate Hendley’s insightful and painstakingly researched book, is now available for pre-order through Five Rivers and your favourite online bookseller, in both print and digital. On September 15, 1956, seven year-old Wayne Mallette was murdered on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The main suspect was a boy on a bicycle seen pedaling away from the CNE. Authorities quickly zeroed in…

Nate Hendley appears on AHC

Two interviews with Nate Hendley appear today on the American Heroes Channel. A year ago in New York city Last year Nate was in the hustle and hype of New York City being interviewed for the Mafia series by The American Heroes Channel. He spoke about gangsters Dutch Schultz and Al Capone, “who are not considered heroes, in case anyone wondered,” says Nate. If you subscribe to AHC, you may be able to catch the…

A Creative Process, by Joe Mahoney

In which Joe Mahoney reflects upon the creative process for his debut novel, A Time and a Place. I wrote the first words of the novel that eventually became A Time and a Place in July 1988. I made the final correction to the manuscript about a week ago, in April 2017. So technically it took me almost 29 years to finish the novel. I hasten to add, I haven’t been working on it all that time….