Review: Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga, by William W. Fitzhugh

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga by William W. Fitzhugh My rating: 5 of 5 stars If you’re interested in all things Vikings, Fitzhugh’s book should be a staple in your library. Rich with photographs and impeccable research, this is where your research regarding the Vikings should start. An invaluable resource which is clearly written. View all my reviews

Writers’ Craft 9: Research

A good writer is an informed writer I remember interviewing biographer and historian Marian Fowler for The Canadian Author and Bookman, back when the Canadian Authors Association published that wonderful writers’ periodical. She was particular about her research, always digging for accuracy and primary sources, and because of that her work rang with truth, a fact which sometimes garnered her a bit of trouble as was evidenced when she wrote her history on Blenheim. Seems…