Kingmaker’s Sword now available in audiobook

Five Rivers’ second audiobook, Kingmaker’s Sword, by Ann Marston, is now available as an audiobook. Beautifully narrated by Austin Vanfleet, Kingmaker’s Sword can be purchased directly through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. We’ve also put links up on our Kingmaker’s Sword page to make life easier for you. Listening to Austin Vanfleet narrate this engaging and sweeping epic sounds like the perfect way to while away a fall or winter evening, or perhaps play through your entertainment centre for you and your…

First audiobook now available

Five Rivers’ first audiobook, From Mountains of Ice, by  Lorina Stephens is now live and available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon. Narrated by Diana Majlinger, the audiobook runs 9 hours and 11 minutes long, beautifully told with a European flair that is captivating, clear and a perfect complement to this tale of madness, betrayal and endurance. If you don’t already have an Audible account, you can get From Mountains of Ice for free with an Audible trial. How cool…

And now The Tattooed Witch goes into audiobook production

Voice actor Diána Majlinger has agreed to produce the audiobook for Susan MacGregor’s delicious fantasy, The Tattooed Witch.  Diána is the narrator for Lorina Stephens’ From Mountains of Ice, and brings a European flavour to her audio creations. Production begins in November 2017, with a release slated for around mid-2018. The audiobook of The Tattooed Witch will be available through Audible.

The Mermaid’s Tale soon to be an audiobook

We’ve just signed a deal with a great voice actor and producer, Susan Iannucci, of Voice to Remember, to create an audiobook of D.G. Valdron’s hauntingly beautiful and dark novel, The Mermaid’s Tale. Production will be finished in the fall of 2017, with release likely some time around December 2017. The audiobook will be available through Audible and related channels. Stay tuned for updates!

Introducing Austin Vanfleet, narrator for Ann Marston’s Rune Blades of Celi series

In the autumn of 2017 the first novel of Ann Marston’s popular fantasy series, Kingmaker’s Sword, releases as an audiobook. The novel is skillfully narrated by voice actor, Austin Vanfleet. Austen talks about his method of narrating, something, which it turns out, is quite deep and sensitively produced. I approach narrating and producing audiobooks with the same process I would use for playing a character on stage. In my opinion, a good audiobook begins with a good…