New Audiobook!

the Rose Guardian in audiobook

That’s right! I’ve finished mastering the files for my magic realism novel, The Rose Guardianuploaded them to ACX, and am now awaiting approval. That should take about 10 business days, and if I’ve done my job well, the audio version of The Rose Guardian will be available by November 26, 2022. How wonderful is that?

The Rose Guardian audio

The recording is a little over eight hours in length, so it’s a good long listen.

Where you can purchase your copy?

The audio version of The Rose Guardian will be available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play.

Who narrates the audiobook?

I do! Figured since I narrated Caliban, I might as well continue to narrate my own work. After all, I do understand the nuances of the work, and perhaps that may inform the narration a little better. While it’s a lot of work, and I very much appreciate what voice artists bring to their productions, it’s also kind of fun, and I think you’re going to find listening a pleasure.

In the meantime…

The Rose Guardian is still available in trade paperback and ebook, either directly from me on this website, or through most online retailers. Of course, if you buy directly from me, you’ll be helping to support another writer.