WWC 2014

Another fantastic event held by the organizers of When Words Collide.

Five Rivers senior editor, Robert Runte and many Five Rivers authors attended, taking part in panels, pitch sessions, signings and general networking.

In the coming days more news and photos will be available, for now we thought we’d share these three. Apologies for the quality; Robert’s phone revolted on his way out the door and so he used a spare, and thus the quality of the images is not that great.

Mike Plested (centre), author of the Mik Murdoch series
at his book signing

Aaron Kite (left) on a panel
author of Shakespeare for Slackers, and A Touch of Poison

Susan MacGregor (left), author of The Tattooed Witch Trilogy
at her book signing

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  1. What a great weekend at When Words Collide. In particular, I enjoyed the panel discussion The Publishers Panel – Novels. I truly enjoy Robert Runte's and other panel member's honest account on today's challenges for publishers. I hadn't been aware of the identified issues with Amazon. Thank you.

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