Omnibus version of Dave Duncan’s Runner Series releases June 1, 2015

Five Rivers is pleased to announce the release, June 1, 2015, of the omnibus version of Dave Duncan’s YA fantasy trilogy of novellas, entitled The Adventures of Ivor.

ISBN 9781927400890, 6 x 9 trade paperback, 310 pgs. $24.99
eISBN 9781927400906, $9.99

In the preface, Dave Duncan writes:

For this edition I have added a brief epilogue and taken out a few short repetitions. (How often do you need to be told that Ivor has nine older brothers?) 

The setting is Alba in the year 906. Alba is still the Gaelic name for Scotland, but it was a much smaller country in those days. Ivor, living on the West Coast, probably spoke Irish Gaelic, while King Constantine, farther east, may have spoken Pictish, which has completely died out now, so that nobody knows what sort of language it was. 

The people were poor and quarrelsome, because it was easier (and more interesting!) to steal whatever your neighbours had than to make a living by honest toil. Most of the people were Christian, but old Celtic and Scandinavian gods still lingered in the hills and islands.

So Alba was a real place, and King Constantine was a real person—he ruled for 43 years and then retired to become a monk. Even so, very little is known about the people he ruled, so I felt free to invent all the other characters and place names. And the magic too! 

If you think I have made Ivor a superhuman runner, you haven’t heard about the race called the Spartathlon, which is run every year in Greece. The route covers 246 kilometers (153 miles) from Athens to Sparta, through mountainous terrain. The record time is 20 hours, 25 minutes. Do not try this at home!

 The Adventures of Ivor includes:

The Runner and the Wizard
The Runner and the Saint
The Runner and the Kelpie
The cover, as one might expect, is another fabulous creation by Jeff Minkevics.
The Adventures of Ivor will be available in trade paperback and eBook editions, available through Five Rivers and online retailers worldwide. We are pleased to accept pre-orders now.


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  1. The omnibus looks terrific!
    And congratulations as well to Dave Duncan on the sixtieth anniversary of his arrival in Canada.

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