More audiobooks!

That’s right! More audiobooks are on their way.

We’ve just entered in agreements for two more audiobook productions.

The first audiobook is the third novel in Ann Marston’s fabulous Celtic fantasy, The Rune Blades of Celi: Broken BladeOnce again Austin Vanfleet is narrating and producing. We’re thrilled he’s agreed to continue to narrate the series, and if you want to know why, just have a look at some of the fabulous reviews both he and Ann have been getting on Audible. Listeners are using phrases like:

A delight!

The accent was well worth the listen and well done.

In a genre full of stories based in or inspired by English/Arthurian lore, having a book with with a foundation in Scottish lore and settings was a breath of fresh air.

…kudos to Ann’s writing and Austin’s delivery.

Broken Blade is scheduled for release December 1, 2018.

The second audiobook production is by Damien Brunetto who narrated D.G. Laderoute’s Prix Aurora shortlisted YA fantasy, Out of TimeThat audiobook has just been approved and should be live on Audible, Amazon and iTunes by close of March.

Damien has agreed to produce the audiobook for Laderoute’s other YA fantasy, The Great SkyWe’re looking at a release in time for Christmas 2018.

So much wonderful happening in our 10th year anniversary. Come join us in the celebration.