A Poisoned Prayer now in audiobook

Michael Skeet’s thrilling historical fantasy, A Poisoned Prayeris now available in audiobook through iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

Great historical fantasy

It’s a swashbuckling tale set in 1680s Paris.

Dashing swordsmen compete for the favours of licentious women, and magic—God’s Blessing—is strong enough that prayers really are answered.

Into the City of Light comes Lise de Trouvaille, a young noblewoman of modest means and no apparent Blessing, searching for an advantageous marriage. But the first eligible man she meets—during a werewolf attack, no less—is exactly the wrong person. Rafael, duc de Bellevasse, is at once too good for her and too bad (he is both the scion of one of the great families of France and a scoundrel presumed to be in league with the Devil, paying huge sums for death-magic spells).

Knowing they are wrong for each other, Lise and Rafael find themselves drawn into plots and conspiracies combining a peasant uprising with the glittering aristocracy surrounding the imperial court. Each has a reason for wanting to solve a series of murders. And each has more than one reason for wanting to avoid the attentions of Nicolas de La Reynie, lieutenant-general of the Paris police and a man who knows, more than most, that something is going badly wrong in Paris.

Michael Skeet
Michael Skeet
The Author

The author, Michael Skeet, is an award-winning Canadian writer and broadcaster. Born in Calgary, Alberta, he began writing for radio before finishing college. He has sold short stories in the science fiction, dark fantasy and horror fields in addition to extensive publishing credits as a film and music critic. A two-time winner of Canada’s Aurora Award for excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Skeet lives in Toronto with his wife, Lorna Toolis.

Geoff Boyes
Geoff Boyes
The Narrator

The book is skillfully narrated by Geoffrey Boyes, an ex-pat Australian living in the United States for the past 30 years. He is an industrial chemist and inventor. A member of Toastmasters, he is one step from a Distinguished Toastmaster, an organization that has helped to hone his speaking skills. After 10 years of volunteer work, reading the newspaper for the visually impaired, and 30 years of hearing American females say, “I just love the way you talk,” he realized he had a natural asset worth marketing.

Where to find A Poisoned Prayer

A Poisoned Prayer is available in trade paperback, eBook and audiobook. The first two versions are available through your favourite online booksellers around the world, as well as directly through Five Rivers. The audiobook is available exclusively through Amazon, Audible and iTunes.