A Book Bundle

Meeting my readers’ needs

I’ve heard over the years from many of my readers regarding the high price of print books and of shipping.

Dreams of the Moon

I can’t do anything about the cost of an individual print book, because it is what it is. Neither can I do anything about the cost of shipping, because, well, it is what it is. But I have been thinking. And that resulted in what might be a good thought, something which may very well entice readers to purchase my fiction because not only will you get what I think is a wondrous variety of reading, but a good deal on my entire collection, and free shipping in the bargain.

From Mountains of Ice

If you were to purchase all six of my works of fiction, you’d spend $111.94, plus shipping. So, I’m offering you all six trade paperbacks at $100.00, and free shipping. Now how’s that for a deal?


How to get the bundle?

That’s quite simple. You can either use the button I’ve appended below, or you can go to any of the pages for my fiction works and click on the PayPal button that says:

Fiction bundle. All six novels worth $111.94 for $100.00 and free shipping.

Caliban cover
 Supply chain shortages

And with supply chain shortages looming for this festive season, buying local is even more important than ever before. Why not support local? Offer the people on your list something truly unique and memorable?

And the Angels Sang

Shadow Song

If it’s any of my paintings you’re interested in, they all are shipped with protective packaging so you’ll be sure to receive your purchase in good condition. If you’re interested in more than one, contact me and we can arrange a discounted deal.

Pettawawa River
Petawawa River
7″ x 10″
watercolour on Arches 140lb hot pressed
100.00 unframed
copyright Lorina Stephens