Two new audiobooks forthcoming

Five Rivers Publishing has signed two agreements today to produce audiobook versions of D.G. Laderoute’s 2014 shortlisted Best YA Prix AuroraOut of Timeand Aaron Kite’s 2012 Watty Award Winner, Most Popular Fantasy, A Touch of Poison.

Damien Brunetto produces second book with Five Rivers

Damien Brunetto, Narrator

Voice actor Damien Brunetto, who narrated Dave Duncan’s Eocene Station (due to release as an audiobook November 2017, and shortlisted for the Endeavour Award), is also narrating Laderoute’s Out of Time.

Damien is a graduate of the ACX Master Class; trained expressly for the narration and production of audiobooks through ACX.

Damien has spent most of his life telling stories to people in one way or another. He was that weird guy who always liked to read aloud in class, or spend his afternoons rehashing Monty Python sketches with his friends, complete with funny voices, or seeing if he could match the accent of where ever he was travelling.

After technically becoming an adult, he spent way too many years being told “you have a nice voice, you should work in Radio!” before he did anything about it. When he finally did, he found audiobooks soon after and was hooked on this long form storytelling.

When not recording and producing audiobooks, Damien enjoys studying medieval European martial arts from a 600 year old Italian treatise, running table top role-playing games for his friends where he gets to test out voices and accents on a captive audience, and seeing just how hard he can make his daughter roll her eyes when reading her bedtime stories in funny voices.

Out of Time
Shortlisted for the 2014 Prix Aurora Award, Best YA Fiction

Out of time an engaging YA novel

When Dave Laderoute first approached Five Rivers’ publisher, Lorina Stephens, with Out of Time, it was immediately apparent to her the novel was one with a universal story which could reach across age groups because of the sincerity of Dave’s writing and the depth of his characters.

The story deals with two young boys who impossibly meet across time and cultures to overcome a legend become life.

For Riley Corbeau, moving to a small town on Superior’s north shore was an opportunity for his family to find a new beginning after the death of his mother.

For Gathering Cloud, living on Kitche Gumi’s shore now meant it was time seek a vision and become a man. There on a beach of this legendary lake, two boys meet across time and impossibilities, brought together to face an ancient evil from Anishnabe folklore, and in doing so forge a friendship that defies time.

Review for out of time

It’s an adventure combined with an after-school special in that most Canadian of storytelling traditions.


One of my favourite books when I was young was a collection of Aboriginal stories about Glooscap and his friends. Out of Time is a wonderful YA story that reminded me of that old, lovely book.


Janet G. henke to narrate A Touch of Poison

Voice actor, Janet G. Henke, is narrating Aaron Kite’s A Touch of Poison. Janet is a new narrator to Five Rivers, but brings with her a formidable background.

Henke’s Background

She says of herself: As an engaging and experienced storyteller, actress and teacher, my talent/passion almost caused my expulsion from parochial school in England at the tender age of 7: parents complained to the principal that the stories of fairies and witches I was telling my peers were scaring them and keeping them awake at night. My childhood experiences were rich in the performing arts and evenings were spent reading or listening to a broad variety of plays on BBC Radio.

Immigrating to America (Burbank) at 14 was quite the cultural challenge, but I found a “home” in theatre and eventually earned my BA with a double major in Drama and English at California State University, Northridge, CA where I was trained in both Classical and Contemporary Theatre. I was instrumental in starting a community theatre group in San Jose where I directed, acted in and /or produced a new production every 2 months for 4 years. Also in San Jose, I taught a basic acting class in Adult School – students ages 18 to 72!

Henke as a teacher

My goal – for my students to develop self-confidence and a love of theatre. I taught English, Reading and Theatre Arts in secondary schools (public and private) for over 40 years. I developed and taught a special program for academically at-risk 9th graders for 12 – years – 96% of whom went on to college or trade school. Key factors: they developed a love of reading – my techniques in reading to them engaged them – they always wanted to hear more; the clear, consistent delivery of instructions in my Study Skills Class empowered them to “study smarter” – not harder. Personal anecdotes, my stories of how I had struggled with learning (as a daydreamer) enabled them to relate to my lessons and find a purpose and passion for their own education.

My last 5 years I taught Theatre Arts in High School and was Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair. I have taken classes with some of the “Best” in the Voice Over world: Scott Brick, Don Morrow to name a few. Continuing to hone my VO skills is essential!

Having spent 14 years in England, I am skilled (and consistent) in most authentic accents of the British Isles – especially England and Ireland – also certain areas of the US – Southern, Eastern. My philosophy: my voice is a Gift with which I hope to make a positive difference in some way – perhaps by helping a talented author most effectively & powerfully convey his/her message.

As a cancer survivor, my life experiences have multiplied enormously, enriching the emotional aspects of my “performances” as well as my gratitude.

My voice has been described as much like that of Angela Lansbury, sometimes Linda Hunt or Judy Dench. Having specialized in Children’s Theatre, storybooks are a definite strength. I have excellent comedic timing, and take direction very well. Vocal range is broad. I truly look forward to working on a project of any genre and love a challenge and new opportunity to learn.

Henke’s Professional Credits

ACTING: Mrs. Stevens – “Sorry Wrong Number.” Elena Ivanovna Popova – “The Boor” (Anton Chekhov. Countess Olivia – “Twelfth Night'” ( Shakespeare). Phylia – “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” Worst Witch “the Witch’s Lullaby”. Princess – “The Emperor’s Nightingale. Madame Arcati – “Blithe Spirit” (Noel Coward).

DIRECTIING: “Once Upon a Mattress”, Brigadoon”, “You Can’t Take It With You”, “And Then There Were None”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “The Sound of Music”, The Diary of Anne Frank”, “All Shook Up”, “The Tempest: Shakespeare4Kids”, “Rumors” (Neil Simon), “Noises Off!”.

WROTE and DIRECTED/PRODUCED an original Melodrama – “I Saw You at the Sawmill, or a Fate Worse Than Death.” Put together talent from my acting class to produce a show – “The Conglomeration.”

VO – Voice of bossy maid “Alice’s Adventures” – short cartoon

Henke’s Awards and recognition

Placed in top 12 out of 600 entrants nationally in Scott Brick’s Audiobook New Voices Competition
“Excellence in Positive Youth Development” – El Dorado Hills Community Vision Coalition
“Stand and Deliver” Award – Oak Ridge High School Commitment to Education

Release Dates

Both Out of Time and A Touch of Poison will release in audiobook format in February and March 2018, respectively, and be available through Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Links to Audible and Amazon will be available on Five Rivers’ site.