Out of Time now in audiobook

Out of TimeOut of TimeD.G. Laderoute’s Prix Aurora shortlisted YA fantasy is now available as an audiobook.

Deliciously narrated by Damien Brunetto, who also narrated Dave Duncan’s Eocene Stationthis 10:36 hour production is a journey into two temporal realities, both on Lake Superior’s north shore.

For Riley Corbeau, moving to a small town on Superior’s north shore was an opportunity for his family to find a new beginning after the death of his mother. For Gathering Cloud, living on Kitche Gumi’s shore now meant it was time seek a vision and become a man.

There on a beach of this legendary lake, two boys meet across time and impossibilities, brought together to face an ancient evil from Anishnabe folklore, and, in doing so, forge a friendship that defies time.

We think you’re really going to enjoy this production. And then, when you’re done, why not purchase both the eBook and print book, and make this an evening read for you and your family, either in the living room or around a camp fire. Sounds like perfection to me.