Attention Dave Duncan audiobook fans

new Audiobook release

Dave Duncan fans are sure to delight in this engaging production of Dave Duncan’s Scottish-inspired fantasy, The Runner and the Wizard. 

The first of The Adventures of Ivor trilogy, The Runner and the Wizard transports you to the world of young Ivor. He dreams of being a swordsman like his nine older brothers, but until he can grow a beard he’s limited to being a runner, carrying messages for their lord, Thane Carrak. That’s usually boring, but this time Carrak has sent him on a long journey to summon the mysterious Rorie of Ytter. Rorie is reputed to be a wizard – or an outlaw, or maybe a saint – but the truth is far stranger, and Ivor suddenly finds himself caught up in a twisted magical intrigue that threatens Thane Carrak, and could leave Ivor himself very dead.

Damien Brunetto narrates this production with depth and panache, and we’re very pleased to have him undertake the entire trilogy. He did a superb job narrating D.G. Laderoute’s Out of Time and The Great Sky

The Runner and the Wizard audiobook runs two hours and fifty-three minutes, and is available through Amazon, Audible and iTunes. It’s also available in trade paperback and ebook. We know you’re going to love this.