The Gilded Chain now in audiobook

Dave Duncan’s first novel in the King’s Blades

The Gilded ChainThe first novel in Dave Duncan’s wildly popular King’s Blades series, The Gilded Chainis now available in audiobook, masterfully narrated by Austin Vanfleet.

This introduction to The King’s Blades sets the stage for the eight novels which streamed from that remarkable imagination of Duncan’s. As unwanted and rebellious boys, the King’s Blades find refuge in Ironhall…. Years later, they emerge as the finest swordsmen in the realm—a magical ritual of a sword through the heart binds each to his ward—if not the king himself, then to whomever else the monarch designates—with absolute loyalty.

And the greatest Blade of them all was—and is—Sir Durendal.

But a lifelong dream of protecting his beloved liege from enemies, traitors, and monsters is dashed to bits when Durendal is bonded till death to an effete noble fop at his king’s orders. Yet destiny has many strange and inscrutable plans for the young knight—for a mission, a contest, and, perhaps, a treasure await him in a faraway land. But he soon finds himself enmeshed in treason and foul intrigues, compelled to betray the king he had hoped to serve.

The Blades have ways to protect their own, but death and madness haunt the path to salvation—and few ever return unscathed.

The Narration
Austin Vanfleet

Austin Vanfleet, with his usual panache, breathes life into Duncan’s characters with his expressive and clear narration, continuing the tradition he started with One Velvet Glove and The Ethical Swordsman.

Where to purchase the audiobooks

The audiobooks are available for purchase through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Don’t forget to leave a review.