Caliban in audiobook

And we’re live on Kobo


My first foray into recording an audiobook has been a success, at least partially. Caliban is now available for pre-order through Kobo and very soon through their other distribution channels: Indigo, Walmart, BOL, and Booktopia, and officially releases January 1, 2022.

The audiobook runs 7.3 hours, and retails through Kobo for $6.00, which is pretty much a bargain.

When will Caliban be available on through Amazon’s channels?

Well, that’s a very good question. While uploading files to Kobo was a breeze, very user-friendly and welcoming, ACX, which is the audiobook producer’s portal to Audible, Amazon and iTunes, is a bureaucratic, technical minefield. So complicated! But let it never be said I didn’t rise to a challenge. After a full day pulling out my hair trying to meet ACX’s requirements, I finally got one whole file uploaded and approved. I think I’m going to invest in a wig for the next files, that way when I pull out hair in frustration it won’t be my own.

How long will it take me to get those files adjusted to meet ACX’s requirements? Not sure. Probably about another two weeks, if I’m being conservative, and allowing for Murphy’s Law.

Still, this is a great new opportunity.

Will I have other audiobooks available?

Indeed I will. Already I have From Mountains of Ice, Shadow Song, and Caliban in audiobook, trade paperback, and ebook.

Likely I’ll start recording The Rose Guardian in February, and hope to have that audiobook available by early summer 2022. Then I’ll take a break over the summer because, you know, GARDEN! Come fall I’ll return to recording and work on my two short story collections.

Pretty exciting stuff. Hope you enjoy!