2018 Submissions

February 1 is quickly coming upon us, and I’m sure many authors who follow Five Rivers are wondering what we’ll be looking for in our 2018 submission window from February 1-14. Here’s a list of what will likely get more favourable consideration.

  • Historical Fiction: Successful manuscripts will be based on Canadian history, solidly researched, well-defined characters. We will not consider romance disguised as historical fiction. For examples of what we will publish, take a look at Nowick Gray’s Hunter’s Daughteror Lorina Stephens’ Shadow Song. 
  • Speculative Fiction: We’re looking to develop more in the way of speculative fiction over traditional SF&F. As always we’re looking for tight plots, sharp dialogue, and well-defined characters. For examples consider Candas Jane Dorsey’s Black Wine,  which received the James Tiptree, Jr. Award, Crawford Award, and Prix Aurora Award.
  • Humour: Doesn’t matter the genre, looking for clever, madcap humourous fiction, the likes of C.P. Hoff’s A Town Called Forgetwhich was long-listed for the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.
  • YA: We’ll consider just about genre in YA fiction. Any novel you send us needs to have a strong Canadian element, believable, well-defined characters, a tight plot, a fast pace. Examples: D.G. Laderoute’s The Great Sky, and  Timothy Gwyn’s Avians
  • Experimental Archeology: We would very much like to develop what we began in 2017 with Michelle Enzinas’ excellent Elizabethan cookbook, Big Buttes BookSo, submissions should be written with authority about historical foodways, trades and technologies, backed by solid, primary source research, exhaustive experimentation and documentation. And of course do that in an informative, entertaining style. Present an excellent bibliography, even photographs. Any time period and culture is acceptable.
  • Investigative Journalism, Crime, History, Politics: Successful manuscripts will be Canadian-focused, drawn from primary and credible sources, written in the vane of good journalistic practices, and remain objective. For examples, take a look at any of the books we’ve published by Nate Hendley.
How to submit

That part’s easy. FOLLOW OUR GUIDELINES.

And please be sure to send all submissions directly to info@fiveriverspublishing.com.

Look forward to reading what you have to say.

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