What’s happening at Five Rivers in 2019

It’s been 11 years since first I launched Five Rivers Publishing. I’ve been proud to publish over 70 books in that time, by some 30 authors. That catalogue has ranged from science fiction and fantasy, historical and mainstream fiction, detective and horror, and non-fiction covering everything from how to write effectively, historical and modern cookery, and investigative research into wrongful convictions.

A Common Thread

What has been common through all these publications is the championing of underdogs and little-known events, voices which might otherwise have gone unheard. Whether Nate Hendley’s vitally important investigation into the wrongful conviction of Ron Moffatt during the 1950s in his book The Boy on the Bicycleor D.G. Laderoute’s remarkable and engaging YA fictions Out of Time and The Great Skythese have all been books I’ve felt needed to be read, stories that needed to be told, and so I’ve given them a home and a platform.

Going forward into the next decade of publishing, it’s important to me to continue the important work I started back in 2008, and to raise that bar further.

Five Rivers Presents

So, in 2019 I’m pleased to present to our faithful followers four new works of fiction:

Pillar of DarknessPillar of Darknessby Dave Duncan, January 1, 2019, trade paperback and ebook

One Velvet GloveOne Velvet Gloveby Dave Duncan, narrated by Austin Vanfleet and Sierra Bennett, June 1, 2019, audiobook

The Runner and the WizardThe Runner and the Wizardby Dave Duncan, narrated by Damien Brunetto, June 1, 2019, audiobook

Dutch Schultz: The Brazen Beer Baron of New York, by Nate Hendley, narrated by John Campagnella, June 1, 2019, audiobook

Broken Blade, Book 3, The Rune Blades of Celi, by Ann Marston, narrated by Zel Bromley and Austin Vanfleet, June 1, 2019, audiobook

The Ethical Swordsman, A Tale of the King’s Blades, by Dave Duncan, July 1, 2019, trade paperback and ebook

A Tangled Weave, by Michael Skeet, August 1, 2019, trade paperback and ebook

The Rose Guardian, by Lorina Stephens, September 1, 2019, trade paperback and ebook


Five Rivers’ submission door will remain open throughout 2019. Watch next week for more information about what I’ll be looking for, and what your best options might be.

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