A decade publishing and another great year

Who knew a decade would fly by so quickly! Indeed it is 10 years since we decided to give voice to Canadian authors.

The line-up for 2018 is, quite frankly, very exciting. Five Rivers is releasing a series of great new books, both fiction and non-fiction, starting with the release February 1 of a new installment in Dave Duncan’s wildly popular King’s Blades fantasy series, One Velvet Glove. Duncan, a CSFFA Hall of Fame inductee, sends his three retired and pensionless swordsmen off on a quest for treasure, which of course means trouble and high-jinx and all manner of good story-telling.

Also in February we will have four new audiobooks available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Then March 1, Lorina Stephens takes us into a speculative world in her novel, Caliban, of aliens and illusion through an unlikely hero out of his depth.

Caliban cover

Another two audiobooks also release in March:

Hunter's Daughter



In April the audiobook for Candas Jane Dorsey’s award-winning speculative fiction, Black Winereleases, beautifully narrated by Diana Majlinger.

Nate Hendley brings us The Boy on the Bicycle: A Forgotten Case of Wrongful Conviction in Toronto, July 1. This disturbing and impeccably researched investigative book examines the wrongful conviction of Ron Moffatt in the mid-20th century, a litany of botched police investigation and disregard for the tenants of truth and justice.

In September, speculative writer, Alison Lohans‘ long-awaited omnibus, Timefall, releases.

Then in time for Christmas shopping, the final novel in Leslie Gadallah’s space-adventure trilogy, The Empire of Kazreleases in October: Cat’s Game. 

Another great year for Five Rivers Publishing, celebrating a decade publishing Canadian voices.