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When Words Collide Festival Report

From the Desk of Senior Editor, Robert Runté When Words Collide (Calgary) convention was once again wildly successful, with great programming, wonderful Guest of Honour speeches, and 650 wonderful-to-meet-and-talk-with attendees. Small enough convention to feel ‘intimate’, but large and diverse enough that one constantly learns new things. The cross-genre format of WWC leads to a lot of cross-pollination. (For example, the launch of Sleuth at WWC this year, a new mystery magazine from the people…

Five Rivers at When Words Collide Festival

From the Desk of Robert Runte: Five Rivers will have seven authors and two staff attending the When Words Collide Festival in Calgary, August 14-16, 2015. It’s my favorite writers convention because of the high proportion of writers, the cross-genre orientation/cross-pollination, and the high quality of the programming. I missed that Susan MacGregor (pictured below) was going to WWC this year until after I’d already done the poster, but she’ll be there too, and doing…

Goodreads reviewer gives 5-star rating to The Tattooed Seer

The second novel in Susan MacGregor’s Tattooed Witch Trilogy, The Tattooed Seer, released August 1, 2014, and launch at this year’s When Words Collide convention. Recently a Goodreads reviewer wrote the following about MacGregor’s novel: G.J.C. McKitrick‘s review  Aug 18, 14 5 of 5 stars Read from July 24 to August 15, 2014 I’ll begin this review with a caution. Susan MacGregor’s “The Tattooed Seer” is a sequel to last year’s “The Tattooed Witch”. I…

More Photos from When Words Collide 2014

Five Rivers book launch at When Words Collide, Calgary, Aug 2014. Five of the six authors from the Spring / Summer lineup were available at the conference to do ‘teaser’ readings and sign their latest releases. From L-R: Susan Bohnet, Aaron Kite, Mike Plested, Ann Marston and Susan MacGregor. Part of the attentive audience at the launch readings.